Anthem Bank & Trust Online Banking Login

Anthem Bank & Trust offer internet banking for it`s existing account holders and this can be very easily accessed via any computer or mobile technology such as a tablet or smartphone as long as they have a suitable operating system . All the services available from the Anthem Bank & Trust`s branches can be found online but with some improvements to give customers better control over their money. Services like receiving and paying bills online by way of ´E-Bills´, checking income and outgoings or having access to statements instantly. Other features of online banking include being able to save the images of checks digitally and being able to transfer money between accounts with just a few clicks. Safe simple and easily accessible, online banking keeps people in touch with their modern financial needs.


How To Log In

Step 1 – If a user wants to login they need to go to the bank`s Homepage where they will find `Online Banking Login` at the top left side of the page. Here they will need to enter their `Username` and then click `Login`.



Forgotten User ID/Password


If a user is not able to find their login details then they should contact the bank. They are able to `Telephone` or visit their `Local Branch` if they are happier speaking to a member of the staff in person. If the customer would like to use the internet to contact the bank they can at


How To Enroll

Step 1 – If a customer would like to open an online bank account they are requested to go to the bank`s homepage where they will find `Online Banking Login` at the top left of the page. Below is the link `Click To Enroll Online Banking` which they must click on.


Step 2 – The customer is now required to complete the `Blank Fields` and then click `Continue Enrollment`.


  • Social security number/Tax ID
  • Name
  • Account type
  • Account number
  • Amount last deposit
  • Address
  •  Postal code
  • Date of birth
  • Driver`s license number
  • Bank card number


How to Video