Wells Fargo Online Banking Login

Wells Fargo is a San Francisco based financial services company considered to be the fourth largest bank in the U.S. They have 6,348 branches and can be found in 41 states. Wells Fargo offers an Online Banking service to all their clientele. Services include wire transfers, ordering checks, Bill Pay, and viewing all account activity. To access these services, you must login via computer, tablet, or smart phone.

How to Login

Step 1 – Go to the Wells Fargo Website and input your Username and Password, then click Go.

wells fargo homepage

Forgot Username/Password – If user has forgotten his/her Username or Password, they must click the link Username/Password Help. This will lead you to a page that provides individual links, depending on whether the Username was forgotten or the Password was forgotten. If the Username was forgotten, you click  Get Username Help, which will instruct you to enter your SSN and password. If the Password was forgotten, you must click Get Password Help, which will instruct you to enter your SSN and Account Number.

How to Enroll

Step 1 – To enroll, you must visit the Wells Fargo Homepage and click on the Sign Up Now Link, located under the View Your Accounts Box.

wells fargo enrollment page


Step 2 – Once you’ve arrived to the enrollment page, they will require you to input your SSN, Account Number, and Email Address. After completion, click Continue and you will be on your way to becoming an Online Member.

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