The Pleasant Hill Bank Online Banking Login

The Pleasant Hill Bank offers internet banking to it’s clients in order to alleviate the time consumption of standing in a bank line when they could be working or caring for family. 24 hour banking capabilities makes this possible. If a user would like to review their banking information, they may do so by using a computer with internet access. This bank, currently, offers no mobile apps for mobile banking.

The Pleasant Hill Bank is a small, two location banking system. They strive to continue to build their community as they have done since they were established in 1934. Some of the online banking features are, online balance reviews, fund transfers, check reorder among other services. Should customer choose to login to their account, they must access the home page and begin the login process with a Username.

How To Login

Step 1 – Go to – As you arrive at the home page, on the right side of the page in the “Online Banking” box, enter your Username. Click “Go”


Step 2 – As you submit your username, you will be guided to “Sign on to Online Banking” page. Here you will verify your Username and then click “Continue with Security Code”


Step 3 – The next area will allow you to choose the method in which you would like to receive your one time code. Should you choose to receive your code by text message, you will be taken to an area where you would enter your mobile number.



Step 4 – Once you select your method of receiving your one time online code and have received that code, you will then be taken to an area where you must enter that code.


Step 5 – Once the code is submitted, you will be prompted privately through the remainder of your login process where you will next enter your password. You will then be directed to your Online Banking account where you will have the ability to conduct any banking transactions.

Forgotten Password – If you have forgotten your password, for the security of your personal information, you will be required to either call customer service at 1-(816) 540-5101 or you may walk into one of the branches for further assistance with your password reset.

How To Enroll

Step 1 – If you’re prepared to enroll in Online Banking, you must begin with the first page of Enrollment. Complete all of the required fields and add any additional banking accounts you would like to view inside of your online banking account. Click “Continue Enrollment.”


Step 2 – Once you’ve submitted your initial personal information, you will then be prompted, privately, through the remaining three steps of enrollment. As you complete your enrollment, you will be able to then login to your account with your Username and Password and begin using your account to review balances and conducting transactions.