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Community Trust Bank Online Banking Login

Community Trust Bank allow their account holders to create an online bank account facility which can be accessed from a normal computer or mobile device like tablets or smartphones. The full range of banking services are available from online banking along with some additional ones unique to online banking. Now online users can do everyday banking tasks such as making transfers or payments but with the simplicity of doing this from your current location and having the services immediately available with no waiting.

How To Log In

Step 1 – Users of Online banking must go to the bank´s Homepage and find the ´Log In´ facility at the right side of the page.

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Step 2 – Next users mush choose the type of banking they wish to log in to from the drop down menu then click on ´GO´.

Step 3 – Users are then directed to a new page where they must complete the field required for ´User ID´ then click on ´Continue´.

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Forgot User ID/ Password If a user has forgotten their User ID or Password they can contact the Community Trust Bank Customer Service Center by dialing 18002827762 or they can visit their local branch.

How To Enroll

To start banking online with Community Trust Bank users must enroll. This can be done by going to the banks homepage and clicking on ´Enroll´ at the right side of the page just below the Login feature. Users will be directed to a second page where they will be asked to select the type of account they wish to register online. Next they must check the box which verifies the user understands the Terms and Conditions. After this users must click ´CONTINUE´ at the bottom of the page.

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Users will be directed to a final page will will require the completion of the relevant fields with the users personal information. Fields requiring completion are name, social security number, email, last 4 digits of card number and PIN.

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