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Commerce Bank Credit Card Login

Commerce Bank offer online banking to customers with existing accounts. Online banking can be accessed by any computer or mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. The banking facilities available online are the same as those available at a local branch as well as some additional features to make banking easier such as receiving and paying bills online called E-Bills or checking statements without waiting.

How To Log In

Step 1 – Users wishing to login to online banking with Commerce Bank must go to the banks Homepage and look for the ´Online Banking Login´ towards the top left of the page.

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Step 2 – Next customers must enter their ´Customer ID´ in the blank field and then click ´Log In´.

Forgotten customer ID/password If a user forgets their customer ID or password they can contact the bank directly by telephone on 18004532265 or visit their Local Branch for more advice.

How To Enroll

Step 1 – If an existing account holder wishes to bank online they must first enroll, this can be done by going to the banks homepage and clicking in the link ´Activate Online Banking´ which is just below the ´Online Banking Login´ facility.

Step 2 – Next users are directed to a second page where they are given details of the requirements for enrollment. Users must then scroll down the page and click on ´Activate Now´.

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Step 3 – Users are directed to a third page where the terms and conditions for online banking can be found. Here users must click ´Accept´ at the bottom of the page to continue with enrollment.

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Step 4 – Users are directed to a fourth page where they must check the relevant box to show which type of account they wish to enroll in and then click ´Continue´.

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Step 5 – Users are directed to a fifth page where they are required to enter some personal details in the blank fields to continue the enrollment.

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