Belt Valley Bank Online Banking Login

Belt Valley Bank provides online banking services to it’s customers to allow for the ease and convenience of banking needed when access to the physical location is unavailable. If a banking customer would like to review their information, they may do so by use of an internet connected computer. Currently no mobile device banking services are offered with this bank.

Belt Valley Bank established in 1936 and remains a small community bank, located in Belt Montana. Their goals are always to provide the best possible products, services and customer service to their clients. Some of  the online services offered are balance reviews, fund transfers, check reorders and more. If a customer wishes to login to their account, they may access their account from the home page with a User ID and Password.

How To Login

Step 1 – Go to – In the “Internet Banking” box at the top left of the page, select the type of account you would like to utilize once you’re logged in. For the sake of example, we shall click the “Personal Account User” link. BVBHome

Step 2 – Clicking the Personal Account User link will lead you to the User ID page. Enter your User ID. Click “Continue”

BVBUserIDStep 3 – After entering your User ID and continuing on, you will be taken to the next login step whereas you will answer a security question. Enter your answer. Click “Submit” – You will then be taken to the last login step where you will enter your password. Once you’ve successfully entered your login credentials, you will be directed to your Online Banking page and will then be able to do your banking business 24 hours daily, any day of the year.

Forgotten Password – If you are unable to recall your password, this bank requires that you contact the bank or walk into the banking center during banking hours, to receive a password reset directly from a banking representative.

How To Enroll

Step 1 – When you’re ready to enroll in online banking, you must begin by reviewing and agreeing to the “Personal Enrollment Form Agreement” page. Click the link to the agreement. Once you have reviewed the terms you must agree them in order to be able to proceed with your enrollment. Click “I Agree”

BVBTermsStep 2 – After agreeing to the terms of the enrollment agreement, you would then be taken to the enrollment form. Complete all required fields. Complete the human verification by entering the characters into the text box. Click “Submit”BVBEnrollFormStep 3 – After submitting the enrollment form, you will be prompted through the remaining steps of enrollment, privately. Once completed, you will then have access to your Online Banking account services which will now be available to you 24/7/365.