Bedford Loan & Deposit Bank Online Banking Login

Bedford Loan & Deposit Bank provides online banking services to their customers to allow for 24 hour access to their accounts to access when the time is best for the customer and beyond banking hours. If a user would like to review their account, they may use a computer and/or any bank supported mobile device.

Bedford Loan & Deposit Bank is a community bank located in Bedford, KY. Their goal is always the best possible customer service and service to the community that serves them. Some of the online services available are online balance review, transaction and check reviews, check reorders and more. If a customer would like to login to their account, they may do so by accessing the home page and entering a Username and Password.

How To Login

Step 1 – Go to – In the “Online Banking” box, enter your Username and Password. Click “Login”



Step 2 – Once you’ve entered your login credentials, you will then be directed to your Online Banking page where you will be able to proceed viewing your account information and enacting any transactions.

Forgotten Password – If you fail to remember your password, this bank requires that you call or walk into the bank for assistance with a password reset. You will then regain access to your account and may resume conducting your banking business.

How To Register

Step 1 – If you’re prepared to register for an online banking account, you would begin by going to the “Bedford Online Banking Registration” page. Click “Begin”

BDBRegisterationStep 2 – Once you’ve begun the registration process, you will be guided to the “Bedford Online Banking Registration” form. You must complete all of the required information inside of the form, to include the review and acknowledgement of the terms and conditions, located in link at the bottom of the form. Click “Continue”



Step 3 – As you continue, you will be guided privately through the remainder of your registration process. Once complete, you will then gain access to you Online Banking services where you will have the ability to conduct any desired online banking reviews and/or transactions.