Bank Star Online Banking Login

Bank Star provides online banking to enhance customer service and allow for the ease and convenience their customers need and deserve when physical locations are not available for business. If a banking customer would like to review their banking information, they may access their account by computer or any mobile device supported by this bank.

Bank Star has seven, Missouri based banking centers. Although they are considered a smaller banking system, they maintain their community bank reputation with their community involvement and the services they provide to their local community banking members. Some of the online services featured are, online balance review, check reorders, fund transfers, 24 hour online, self serve banking services and much more.

How To Login

Step 1 – Go to – As you arrive to the home page, from the drop down box on the upper center of the page select the banking location you would like to arrive to once you’ve completed login. When you make your selection and click that location, you will be taken to the Sign in page for the location you’ve selected.


BSUsernameStep 2 – After you’ve submitted your Username, you will click “Continue” to move on into the secure login process. You will be taken to the Sign in page, which as opposed to a password, you will receive a one time code for login. Click “Continue with Security Code”

BSSignInStep 3 – When you click the Security Code button, you will be guided to a Security Code page where you will select how you will receive your code. Click the appropriate bubble for your selection. Click “Continue”


Step 4 – From here you will be guided through the remainder of your login process, privately. Once you’ve successfully received your code and complete your login, you will be directed to your Online Banking account where you will be able to conduct any banking business needed.

Forgotten User ID – Should you find you’re unable to recall your User ID, go to this “Forgotten Username” page. Complete the required information on the User ID page. Click “Submit,” your User ID, once your information is verified, will be emailed to you by the bank, to the email you had placed on file at enrollment and that is now on file with the bank.


How To Enroll

Step 1 – If you’re ready to enroll in online banking, begin by going to the “Confirm Your Identity portion of the enrollment process. This will be the first step of enrollment into your online banking account. Enter your required information into the appropriate boxes. Click “Continue Enrollment”


Step 2 – From here you will be prompted through the remainder of the process, selecting your ID and setting up personal security steps for your account in the event they are needed. Once enrollment is completed you will be able to login 24 hours per day to review your account and conduct any needed banking transactions.