Bank of Zachary Online Banking Login

Bank of Zachary provides online banking for the benefit of allowing their clients to do their banking business at their discretion beyond banking hours. Should a client wish to review their account information they may access their account using a computer and/or any mobile device supported by this bank.

Bank of Zachary provides four banking locations inside of the state of Louisiana as well as online services that remain available once the banking centers are closed. Some of the online services featured are, remote deposits, online bill payments, check reorders, fund transfers and more. If a banking client wish to login to their account, they may do so by going to the home page and logging in with a User ID and Password.

How To Login

Step 1 – Go to – As you arrive to the home page, click the “Login to My Account” link at the top left of the page. You’ll be taken to a login page, enter your User ID. Click “Login”


Step 2 – When you submit your User ID, you’ll then be taken to a security page where you will request a one time code prior to entering a password. Continue your login process by clicking the “Login with Security Code” button

BOZSecurityStep 3 – When you click the Continue button, you’ll be taken to another secure page where you will select how you would like to be contacted to receive your one time code.


Step 4 – Using a text message as a selection, enter your mobile number in the provided boxes and click “Send Text Message.”

BOZTextNumberStep 5 – When you submit your mobile number in order to receive your one time code, you will receive the code and be taken to the page where you will be able to enter it.


Step 6 – Once you’ve entered your code successfully, you will be taken to your Online Banking account where you will be able to login and conduct any banking business.

Forgotten Username – If you find that you’re unable to recall your Username go to the Forgotten Username page. Enter the information required and click “Submit”

BOZForgotUsernameOnce you’ve completed all of the security steps, you will regain access to your account and will be able to login with the one time code and will again have the ability to resume your banking activities

How To Enroll

Step 1 – Should you be prepared to enroll in online banking, you will begin with the first of four pages on the “Confirm Your Identification” page. Complete all of the required fields. Once all fields are completed, click “Continue Enrollment”


Step 2 –  As you continue enrollment privately, you will complete three more sections, setting up User ID and security steps to ensure the security of your information. When you complete all steps of enrollment, you will be able to login to your account and begin doing any desired business you need to complete with your online banking account.