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The Bank of Texas is a banking institution dedicated to valuing their customers, employees, and the communities in which they serve. The bank is apart of BOK Financial, which is a national banking company that currently has over $30 Billion in assets. To further aid the members whom they serve, the bank offers a very useful Online Banking system which gives users the options to view detailed stats about their accounts, pay their bills, setup account alerts, transfer funds, view account statements, and many more helpful features.

How to Login

Step 1 – Head to the Bank of Texas Home Page. Upon reaching the site, look to the top-left corner of the page and enter the Username and Password associated with your account. When you have finished entering the information, click the white “Login” button below the text boxes.

Bank of Texas Home Page

How to Register

Step 1 – Begin by going to the Bank of Texas Home Page. Once at the page, look to the left-hand side of your screen for the white, capitalized text that reads “Apply Online”. Below this will be a drop-down tab. From the tab, select “Online Banking & BillPay”.

Bank of Texas Home Page

Step 2 – After being redirected to the next page, look to the right-hand side of the screen and select the bold, blue text that reads “Personal”.

Bank of Texas Register Screen #1

Step 3 – Next, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the blue “Agree” button.

Bank of Texas Register Screen #2

Step 4 – Now, enter the three points of required information, which consist of your Bank of Texas Account Number, your Social Security Number, and your ATM/Check Card Number. When you have finished inputting the required information, click the white “Continue” button. From this point on, you will need to follow the on-screen instructions displayed by the Bank of Texas. If you have entered and continue to enter the correct required information, you will submit an application for an Online Banking account with the bank.

Bank of Texas Register Screen #3

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