Bank of Ohio County Online Banking Login

Bank of Ohio County provides online banking services to allow ease and convenience to their clients so that they may have the ability to do their banking business any time, 24 hours per day. If a user would like to view their account information, they may use a computer. Once an account is established, a customer may apply through the web site for mobile banking as well, so that they may also have the ability to use any bank supported mobile device.

Bank of Ohio County is a small community banking environment. They are focused on excellent customer service and community involvement. Some of the services featured with online banking are, fund transfers, balance reviews, check reorders, online bill pay among others. Should a customer choose to login to their account, they need to access the home page and login with a Username and Password.

How To Login

Step 1 – Go to – When you reach the home page, in the “Online Banking” box at the top left side of the page, enter your User name. Click “Login”



Step 2 – After you’ve entered and submitted your Username, you will be taken to an added security page where you will answer a security question prior proceeding to the password page.

BOOCZSecurityStep 3 – After you have answered and submitted your security answer, you will be taken to the password page privately. You will then enter your password and continue on to your Online Banking page, where you will be able to conduct your online banking business.

Forgotten Password – If you’ve forgotten your password you may reset your password. Follow the instructions on this page to reset your password or to retrieve your Username.



How To Enroll

Step 1 – If you would like to enroll in online banking you must either walk in to one of the banking centers or contact customer service at 1-(270) 274-5678. This bank takes your information security very seriously. Once you’ve enrolled, you will be provided a temporary password and username. You may login and conduct any reviews of your account or conduct any online transactions, completely at your convenience.