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Bank of Franklin first provided banking services to the communities of Franklin County, Mississippi since 1912 when the bank`s first building was completed and oopened on Main Street, Meadville. In those days the bank supported small businesses, agriculture and financial institutes with a close association to the Mississippi Central Railroad. The banks steadfast approach helped it survive several runs in it1s early days of existence, paying customers every dollar until the runs ended. This created a great deal of trust in the bank and it quickly became the Franklin County Depository in 1914. This confidence in the bank exists to this day while the bank makes decisions on the ever changing financial landscape. Relatively recent changes have provided new technology along with online banking and wide ranging digital services. Also recently is a newly formed holding company as well as their newest branch in Brookhaven to compliment their existing four other offices, the main office still being all the time at Main Street, Meadville.

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