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Bank of Brewton  currently offers no online banking services on any computer nor any mobile device.

Bank of Brewton was first opened in 1869 when Charles Sowell sold his Timber business when the town’s people had begun to show a demand for a bank in the town. The bank was opened in a small building on Saint Joseph Street in Brewton, Alabama and the same building is still a part of the bank today. The art that hangs in the bank today is all featured by local artists. Some of the services offered by this bank are business and consumer accounts, Christmas savings, savings accounts, CD investment accounts, NOW accounts and more. This bank serves it’s clients on an in-person basis only at the bank’s branch location or by telephone.

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If you would like to become a customer of Brewton Bank you must visit or call the branch to do your banking business. Go to This Page to find the location, driving directions and telephone numbers.