American Plus Bank Online Banking Login

American Plus Bank allow clients who already have a branch account with them an online bank account. This account can then be accessed via any computer or mobile technology such as a smartphones or tablets. All the banking services offered by the bank branch are still available. Online banking provides a wide range of extra features that allow people to manage their money suitably according to the demands of modern finance, using the range of helpful banking features like making  funds transfers with just a few clicks and paying bills online in the form of ´E-bills´.

How To Log In

Step 1 -If a user wants to log in they should go to the bank´s Homepage where they need to look for ´Online Banking Login´ at the top left of the page. Here they should enter their ´Access ID´ and then click ´Login´.


Forgotten User ID/Password


If a user can not remember their login details they should contact the bank. They can do this by calling 1 (626) 821-9188. Alternatively it is possible to contact the bank via email at The customer can if they wish visit the bank´s ´Local Branch´ and seek further advice from a member of  staff.

How To Enroll

Step 1 – To enroll a customer must look on the bank´s homepage for ´Online Banking Login´ at the top left of the screen. Here is a link called ´Enroll´ which the user must click on.


Step 2 – The next page displays the bank´s terms and conditions which the customer must agree to by clicking on ´I Agree´ at the bottom of the page.


Step 3 – The customer must now enter their ´Access ID´ and ´Password´, select the ´Type Of Account´ they want and then click on ´Submit´.



How to Video